In 2002, I founded a listserv called anthrodesign, which I formed to facilitate dialogue between social scientists and designers of all kinds.  Members are interested in the role of applied anthropology in the corporate, public sector, and medical contexts.  Not all participants are anthropologists, but all share the common interest of applying ethnographic techniques and social sciences theory to industrial, software, and other types of product and organizational design.

Since its inception, the list has grown into an online community of nearly 2000 people from all over the world, and from a wide variety of disciplines, experiences, and interests.  Members meet face-to-face periodically at conferences and member-organized dinners in cities all over the world.  Please visit the anthrodesign site to learn more.


Critical Management bibliography

Critical management literature and other readings on governmentality demonstrate how Foucault’s ideas can be used to understand organizations.

The writings of Diana Forsythe

Forsythe was trained both as an anthropologist and as a Human Computer Interaction (HCI) expert.  Her writings were extremely influential in helping me establish a path forward for myself as both an anthropologist and a technical expert.

The User Experience reading list compiled by Christina Wasson.