In industry

I have been working and researching at the intersection of business strategy, technology, social sciences, and design for over ten years.  I am passionate about the delivery of User Experience (UX) consulting services as a strategic differentiator for solving a wide variety of business problems!

I currently work at ZS Associates, where I am the Associate Principal for User Experience, reporting to the Chief Technology Officer.  I am building and manage a User Experience team that provides user research, user-centered design, and UI development for our cloud-based solutions and UX support for client engagements.

In my previous role at SAP, I served as a global Senior Director of Strategic Programs and User Experience in the Operations Board area.   I was responsible for the portfolio management and successful delivery of strategic initiatives with significant visibility, impact, and budget consumption.  I provided transparency into program status through a variety of governing bodies and senior management committees.  I ensured the delivery User Experience consulting services into Strategic Programs, striving to deliver the highest possible ROI, quality, usability, and adoption of deliverables due to early and continuous involvement of end-users.  I served as business owner for SAP’s internal social media platforms.  During my tenure in that role I was responsible for the launch and ongoing improvements to Talk (the company’s micro-blogging platform), People (a BI-based social networking tool), Tube (a video streaming platform).  I led a variety of new initiatives in the mobile space, including the refinement and launch of an internal mobile applications store.

In academia

I taught several undergraduate anthropology courses at Temple, and guest lectured at a variety of colleges and universities, including:

  • Cyborg Anthropology.  Department of Anthropology, Temple University
  • User Research Methods to Inform Product Design & Development.  School of Engineering, University of Pennsylvania.
  • Ethnographic Methods in Business Context. University of Dundee, Scotland.  Conducted remotely.
  • User Research Methods and Project Management.  Systems Analysis and Design.  Management Information Systems Program at St. Joseph’s University in Philadelphia.
  • Ethnographic Methods in Business Context.  Applied Anthropology course at Bryn Mawr College in Bryn Mawr PA.

For more on my academic interests and experience, please visit my Research page, or download my CV using the link above.  Please contact me using the form at the bottom of this page if you’re interested in having me speak to one of your classes!