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We have always read books to our kids at bedtime, but they are finally old enough to appreciate (and be quiet enough!) for the public library. We are so lucky to have a wonderful town library walking distance from our house.  The whole second floor is a children’s section, and the boys seem to enjoy it.  They love getting to pick books out themselves, and we all appreciate the variety of reading material.

As a result of our library adventures, we have read some fun new books in the past few weeks, including one called Oh, Ducky!: A Chocolate Calamity by David Slomin.  It is cute, and there are a few of the illustrations that are just terrific! I am still enjoying my new job – but if I had to get new job, it might look something like this:

Quality control for a chocolate factory, seriously?!  And, by the way, Pauline is not as frumpy as she might appear – her hobby is playing the timpani drums.

As the story progresses, Johnny’s rubber ducky gets stuck in the factory equipment, causing everything to come to a screeching halt.  Mr. Peters (the inventor and factory owner) scubas through the vats and tubing to discover the cause of the clog.  Instead of being mad that his factory and his chocolate is wrecked by a pet rubber ducky, he is inspired:

Who wouldn’t love to work in a job where chocolatey disasters are the cause for inspiration?!


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  1. truly amazing. makes me eager to find the store i can find (A Chocolate Calamity) :)

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